Sports Injury

Are you a professional athlete or an amateur aiming for the big leagues? Maybe you are very dedicated to regular fitness or want to try something new but aren’t sure how to take care of yourself. Whatever it is, you are someone who may be susceptible to injuries that a trained sports injury chiropractor in La Grange, IL, is used to treating. When you visit the Chiropractic & Wellness Center of La Grange, IL, you'll be under the expert care of Dr. James Young. Whether you're a tennis professional, a high school football player, or a marathon runner, he is likely to have a technique to help you.

Why Is There a Specialty for Sports Chiropractic Treatment? 

Some chiropractors focus on sports therapy because of the unique needs that an athletic body has. While anyone can be susceptible to injury, athletes put a particular amount of wear and tear on their bodies. Their training alone is enough to strain muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, etc. Luckily, a chiropractor can focus on not only specific injuries to their muscles or ligaments but also deal with their care in a holistic way. For example, a chiropractor may focus on a plan that includes a manual adjustment, electrical muscular therapy, or some form of chiropractic massage. With the right combination of techniques, an injured athletic body can heal faster and run, hit, or jump faster than before.

What Are Some Techniques Used?

When you need a sports injury chiropractor in La Grange, IL, there are few limits to the options available to you. In most cases, your chiropractor will start with a spinal adjustment. Some sports chiropractors may prefer to use manual techniques or an activator tool that provides faster and more focused hits to the spine. If the sports injury is related to soft tissue like muscles and tendons, then cold laser therapy, which uses low-spectrum light to stimulate tissue, may be helpful. Chiropractic massage provides better circulation in the areas being stretched. The massage therapist can directly feel knots or muscle tension. When it comes to treating sports injuries, there is no one-size-fits-all. After all, athletes have different body types and injuries to consider. Your chiropractic professional understands this and will tailor any care to your situation.

Dr. Young is proud to be your sports injury chiropractor in La Grange, IL, who can help with several issues. The Chiropractic & Wellness Center of La Grange is where professional athletes, amateurs, and other highly active people receive appropriate care. Call us at 708-352-6680 for an appointment today.

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